ONE: Budget Cuts Could Cost Lives

Just helping out a Cause: I tended to waver a bit regarding participating in the push for this since things aren’t looking so good on the home-front (U.S.) with folks here doing a bit of starving too. But ONE is talking about “world hunger and world poor.”

“As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote earlier this week, cuts of this size will be “devastating to our national security, will render us unable to respond to unanticipated disasters and will damage our leadership around the world.””

The other thing that has been bothering me is that I’ve been asking myself lately why we bother to offer our hand to help those in need when many of them despise the U.S. We are ‘bad people’ but they take our money without question and then stiff us from oil with outrageous pricing.

I hate thinking / feeling this way. Still…. if you find it reasonable, sign the petition to NOT cut the budget, a mere 1% fund for poverty fighting.


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Subject: Bad news


The House just voted to make huge cuts in this year’s budget. Poverty-fighting priorities–which make up less than one percent of the US budget–were sharply cut.

Now it’s the Senate’s turn to weigh in on the budget–and we’ve got to tell them to preserve this life-saving funding. Cuts to these life-saving programs will have a real, immediate, and devastating impact on the world’s poor.

I just signed this petition asking the Senate not to make cuts. Will you sign it, too?

Together as ONE we can make a difference.



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Food Safety Bill… Really???!!

I don’t know about you but I am becoming really confused about the state of our government passing bills unreasonably or without fair review? I just don’t get it anymore. Does anyone really give a flying fxxx anymore. Remind me why I didn’t vote in this last election? Seems it wouldn’t have mattered even if I had. What’s new!?!

Tired in Detroit.

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Both House and Senate Vote YES on Food Safety Bill

December 21, 2010
voteMoments ago, the House of Representatives passed the Food Safety bill—which the Senate, in one of the most underhanded legislative maneuvers we’ve ever seen, approved late Sunday night. It now goes to the president to be signed into law.
the Senate raised it as an amendment to a completely unrelated bill from the House of Representatives—H.R. 2751, the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act!
The House bill, which began life as the “Cash for Clunkers Temporary Vehicle Trade-in Program” (very fitting given this basket case of a “food safety” bill), had been on the Senate’s legislative calendar since June of 2009. Suddenly, in a flurry of activity, the text of the old S. 510 was repackaged as Senate Amendment 4830

By the way, there were several different “Cash for Clunkers” bills that were sent back and forth between the Senate and the House, and one of those was passed into law. This one simply languished on the legislative junk pile until it could be resurrected—that is, until its shell could prove itself useful in a profoundly devious maneuver.

All at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night, when they thought no one would be watching. Our senators should be ashamed of themselves for acting so dishonorably.

After the holidays, we will publish a wrap-up of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, unraveling the timeline, outlining some of the important concessions ANH-USA won during the process, and discussing where we go from here.