Dolphin Bites Hand of Little Girl

Yet, another reveal of SeaWorld’s lack of ensuring the safety of its guests and dolphins.  Should children be allowed so close?  Should children be allowed to feed dolphins?  Most of you know that I’m an advocate of Save Japan’s Dolphins and a firm believer that these beautiful mammals along with the Orca, should be left to their natural environment; not slaughtered for food or held in captivity for profit.  Rehabilitate and release.  I also noted that the dolphins in this report look rather young.  Wondering about that….

Check out the news video here.


Let Go and Let Live – Deaths at SeaWorld

Who hasn’t visited a dolphin or killer whale show?  If we were fortunate to make a trip to SeaWorld or the many other places that entertain with these beautiful mammals, we can recall with some clarity the fascination and excitement of watching them perform …. large and (seemingly) in charge.  Never once considering the amount of danger their human trainers face on a daily basis.  Nor the emotional signals that these beautiful creatures feel that occasionally turn violent (at a split second) based on (their) animal instinct.

This week, the Freedom of Information Act allowed for the release of eyewitness interviews conducted by the Orange County Sheriff’s office, of the 2010 death of trainer Dawn Brancheau.  While it was difficult to listen to, my dismay was not for the killer whale or the trainer(s).  I was disgruntled over the fact that most cases of this nature, carry a death sentence for the animal after killing a human.  Was it the really the fault of the whale in a tank or the cougar on a hiking trail attempting to protect its cubs nearby as a jogger passes?   Tilikum (the killer whale) was not put down but was isolated for 13 months.   Was it better than letting him go?  They are such intelligent animals.  How else do we expect them to communicate their desire to be released?  They didn’t ask to be captured and ‘trained.’

This is why these beautiful creatures need to be left in the wild. Just thinking about the lives lost, makes me feel as though humans have not evolved beyond the need to exploit (as in the bearded lady at the circus).   It’s time we let go and let live.

For more information on this story and other important issues involving dolphins and orcas, please visit Save Japan

I’m already signed up and signed a few petitions.  How about you?!

With sincere respect, my condolences to those trainers that have died on the job, and to their families.