War At Home

I was going to blog today about the violence in Syria when I was prompted to look up a word that I needed context clarification for.  After getting a handle on the definition of Sectarian violence, I was drawn to a WordPress recommended website upon returning to my own blog to type out my new cogitations.

I took a few minutes to browse through the imagery of  Anton Brookes.  His “Rum and Lust”  series just struck a chord with me.  Powerful images don’t need a lot of words to ‘get the story.’  They offer words of their own and what came to mind is a different war – at home.  The homeless war; the war of the minds; the war of street life; the war of drugs and alcohol and their negative effects on lives; the war of medical care or the lack of;  the war of economic losses and recoveries.  These are the wars of our individual worlds.  A form of social exclusion whether self created, socially created or government created.   So much to think about and Anton’s street photography is a good trigger for sparking thought, imagination, reality and feelings.

Thanks Anton, for grounding me today and giving me the opportunity to re-focus on some important issues … at home.


A Photographer’s Groan

I think you could say the same about photography/ers.  The sentiments across the professional photogs are  mutual.  All you have to do is research and read a number of photography forums to hear the groans.

I work to put a roof over my head and food on my table.  If you are doing it for the fun of it:  let your clientele know upfront so they can expect what they pay (or don’t pay) for.  This way, it doesn’t interfere with the professional price tag that comes with the professional photographer that offers a professional and quality product and service; and you aren’t contributing to a world-wide demise of pro photography as a career, especially for those that have been in the industry for a long time.  This teaches prospective clients that no matter how big or small, we all work for our bread and butter and we are worth our fees.

While I’m on the topic of groans.  If you plan to shoot weddings and have not done so yet, please do not post pictures on your website of weddings that you shot as a guest at one.  Maybe your website visitors don’t recognize the difference but it’s obvious to other photographers and it’s not right for a couple of reasons I can think of off the top of my head.  When I was starting out in wedding photography, I simply advertised it WHEN I had my first wedding under my belt and images I could display as my own project portfolio.  Getting in the way of a PAID photographer while they are shooting a wedding, so that you can steal a few posed pics to post on your website and mislead your visitors is just plain WRONG in so many ways.

Spectacular T-L Video of Australia Night Sky

This is by far and wide the best #time-lapse video (EVER) that I have seen by a “hobbyist.”  Bravo to Alex Cherney, hobbyist astronomer in Melbourne, AUS.  His website is http://www.terrastro.com and his images are for sale at RedBubble.com.  Do a search on his name and his work should result for you. There are a few short videos at his Terrastro site but this one comes via an article at Wired.com by Danielle Venton on July 6, 2011.  If you have about 2 mins and want to unwind, play this in full screen for great effect.  Blew my hair back.  😉

Not sure if I can embed here so here are some links:

Ocean Sky from Alex Cherney on Vimeo.

Otherwise:  Enjoy full article at Wired by clicking here.