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A very serious update to the conditions at Fukushima, which in my opinion, need to be more widely publicized.  Check out the blog post here:  http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/fukushima-could-be-15000-times-worse-than-hiroshima-with-removal-of-fuel-rods/


Why Japan’s ‘Fukushima 50’ remain unknown

“In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, the foreign media, including the BBC, hailed the men as the “Fukushima 50.””

In fact there were never 50 of them. Hundreds of workers stayed at the plant, braving high levels of radiation to bring the reactors under control. Many are still there today.

BBC News – Why Japan’s ‘Fukushima 50’ remain unknown.

Very interesting news article – update on Fukushima and Japanese loyalties.  Should be read and shared.

Wise Move

to suspend until all checks are balanced.

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17 March 2011

China suspends nuclear building plans

China has suspended approval for new nuclear power stations following the accident at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant.

China is currently building 27 new reactors – about 40% of the total number being built around the world.

It went on to say that China’s medium and long-term nuclear plans would be “adjusted and improved”.

It is currently building more reactors than any other country in the world.

According to the World Nuclear Association, China wants to build a total of 110 nuclear reactors over the next few years.

China also recently announced that it had developed its own technology to reprocess spent nuclear fuel, which could be used to run these new power plants.

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