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Android On the Move

Up, up and away!

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Google outlines plan to keep smartphone market lead

By Jane Wakefield

After years of warnings from science fiction writers, it seems androids may finally be taking over the world.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, hundreds of Android-powered devices were on show.

Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt declared his company’s platform to be the market leader.

Mr Schmidt said that 300,000 Android-based phones are being activated each day, and more than 170 Android compatible devices are on the market.

“Young programmers think mobile first. That is where the action is,” he said.

As more devices move onto Google’s latest iteration of Android – Gingerbread – fragmentation will be less of an issue, he said.

But while Google is busy working through the mobile alphabet, software maker Microsoft is hoping to attract some attention away from the little green robot.

The Microsoft / Nokia partnership has a long way to go to catch Apple and Android, according to Ian Fogg, an analyst with Forrester Research

According to figures from Canalys, in 2010 Android went from being a bit player in the smartphone market to outselling Nokia’s Symbian operating system.

In the last quarter of 2010, 32.9 million Android-based phones shipped worldwide, compared with 31 million running on Symbian. Apple had 16.2 million and RIM 14.6 million.