Thoughts on Photography

In viewing photos online at Flickr and I am always amazed and ever so grateful for those that take the time to photograph the celebrations, the environment and the history of where they live or the places they have visited.  The beauty and art developed via film never ceases to amaze me.

If it were not for photos, I would never see the beauty of France or Egypt or Greece and places that I otherwise never dreamed I might visit.  Photos have a way of fulfilling some level of our dreams and curiosities.

  1. When we want to visit a country and have no idea where to start, photos help us make that determination.
  2. When budgets or time prevent us from making a long journey to the other side of the world, photos can bring the place of our desire to our computer desktop, in the comfort of our home.
  3. Photos do participate in the shape of our world.  Without them, would we know what was happening in another part of the world as quickly as we do, today?  Could you visualize a tropical beach if you had never seen one?  Through a verbal explanation and some imagination you could.

Photography has been around for a long time and thanks to our ancestors, we have glimpses of their lives saved in our genealogical archives, whether personal or displayed in museums.

Many of us photograph as a hobby; some make a living as professional photographers; and many of us photograph for the family memories or the pocketbook picture cache of baby and grandchildren known as ‘brag books.’  The traditional photo album has been replaced by picture scrap booking where glitter and glam can be added to the photo book pages to further enhance the story behind the photo.

What intrigues us to photograph?  Why are we enticed to take snapshots of our vacations, childhood birthdays, holidays, pets, sunsets, sunrises, flowers, oceans, lakes, streams, fields, old barns, new houses, our first car, a teacher, and more?  Is it because we love to share our memories with others and there’s no better way, shy being there first hand?

Undoubtedly, photographs connect us with the world.  Many of us can attest to sharing photographs via email and world wide web photo sharing services since the creation of digital cameras, computers, CD’s and smart cards.  What a wonderful technological advance for imagery.

When you’re driving down a country road, you see a beautiful landscape and comment how pretty that old barn looks in the center of what is now a field of wild flowers, and against that beautiful blue sky.  Darn!  Did you forget the camera?  Why do you desire to capture that scene on film when you have the beautiful memory of being ‘in it’ for the moment. 

I’m not saying that we should be grateful for ‘that moment,’ but rather questioning why we are moved to saving it.

Photography is an art form and can be mastered by anyone.  All photos carry expressions of art whether they were taken with art in mind or not.  They express human interaction with nature and the people around them.  Photography captures smiles, frowns, space nebula, planets; and offers a wealth of information in crime scene investigations.

What would we do without it?  We know what our ancestors did.  They painted, carved and built their visions.  Some of the world’s most profound and creative painted art originated before the era of photography.

Just food for thought.

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Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach? Check Your Bi-focals

Woke up this morning, grabbed a cup of java (or “lava” as my spell-checker prefers) and turned on the computer to read my dose of headline news for the day. I got a bit of a chuckle and have to admit that the news hasn’t given that to me for quite some time now. Was actually a (welcome) relief to read some unbiased (?) reporting. Although, my comments may appear biased themselves, they are actually my sarcasm as it relates to my discontent with the media’s reporting manipulations during pre-mid term election. It’s also important to note here that I’m not claiming to be for or against any legislation in this particular post. That self debate might come in another post… or not.

Read: MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin(AP)Sen. Russ Feingold has decided against seeking the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, saying he wants to focus on his work in the Senate.

In a letter posted on his political action committee’s Web site, Feingold said he was excited that Tuesday’s elections gave Democrats control of both chambers of Congress, giving them the chance to “undo much of the damage that one-party rule has done to America.” (me: ouch! I just felt a double-edged sword)

“I began with the feeling I didn’t really want to do this but was open to the possibility that getting around the country would make me want to do it. That never happened,” he told the newspaper in a story posted on its Web site late Saturday.

Thanks for letting us know that you won’t be stepping up to the plate, and that you haven’t allowed the news media to sway you. The job of Presidency comes with many challenges. You wouldn’t want to bite off more than you can chew with a ‘damaged America.’ (me: how about a game of chicken?)

Additionally noted: “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York is widely considered the front-runner for the nomination.”

Good lord people! Exactly who is widely considering her? From the many ‘media’ articles that I’ve read about her (pre-mid term), she is ‘widely disliked’ in her democratic circle of peers. She’s actually been referred to by her peers as something a little less eloquent than biotch. Something tells me that this might be another ‘media/press’ push for nomination and I wonder what is changing the media’s take on her? Just because she smoozes with a Kennedy doesn’t mean she’s got it going on. Or does she? (hmmm – a cogitation!). God save the people again (from another President Clinton)!

The following is prime time:

(CNN)“Brad Ellsworth opposes abortion and same-sex marriage and is an Indiana sheriff who very much believes in the Second Amendment right to bear arms. And he’s coming to Congress as a Democrat.”

Whew, that’s some heavy stuff. Doesn’t like abortion but approves of the right to bear arms (pun intended). It looks like there will be some dissension and contradiction between the Dems over these hot and often misunderstood issues. So get ready to back up your vote folks. If you thought the road was rocky, it just gained leverage to get a little rockier. Voting the Reps out shouldn’t have been the only concern. Shame on the media for being so lopsided with their pre-election reporting tactics. If you’re going to do it right, lead the people to water not mud!

It will be interesting to see how many Dems bow out of running for Presidency and why, and how many voters are willing to be forgiving and to whom.

So when you were seeking votes, were your eyes bigger than your stomach? Were the public’s sights set on voting “against” Republicans rather than “for” Democrats? Who bit off more than they can chew? The next 2 years will tell and hopefully the media will have removed their bi(ased)-focals.

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Why are men notorious for horking? 

In my single-dom days, some of my boyfriends had the nasty habit of hork.  Horking in the morning upon waking, was a ritual they performed in an effort to clear their sinuses. 

Wouldn’t it just be better all around to blow one’s nose and clear it ‘out’ rather than have the stuff that horking generates, lying on the bottom of the stomach first thing before breakfast?  Actually, anytime is a bad time.

Now I have 2 step sons that hork.  OMG. Some things never change.

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My Aging Hands and Menapoop

I remember when bloating was a horrible thing. Now I view bloating as a wonderful thing because it makes the wrinkles disappear. I use to judge the way I looked (young or old) by how my hands looked. If they looked wrinkled, I must be getting older. If they looked smooth and shiny, I could tell myself that I looked young for my age. My face always looked younger and had no wrinkles until this year.

The ironic part of my hand fetish is that I use to look at the hands of my friends when we were younger, and notice slight wrinkling and think to myself that it made them look more mature. Not older – just mature. I thought it was becoming. Because I’ve always looked younger than my age, I use to envy those that looked their age. Today, some of them look older than me. I suppose there is something to be said for that.

I still feel that I look younger than my age – which isn’t to say that I’m complaining or conceited – but reminding myself that I should be happy about it. On the other hand, there are times that “looking younger” doesn’t command the respect that I have come to expect as a 49 yr old adult.

Gram is 91 this year and says she owes her wrinkle-less face to Ponds. I’m sure they made a fortune off her! She’s been using it since the day it was marketed. She also believes that coloring your hair turns it gray sooner. She never colored her hair and had very few grays up until a couple of years ago. Today, she has more but to look at her, you would think she was in her 70’s.

So the bottom line for me is that I’m 49 yrs old and in need a hair cut and coloring, a pedicure, manicure, a facial and a full body massage.

  • A lot of cellulite remover for the hips and some botox for the lips.
  • Whitener for my teeth and some sandpaper for my feet.
  • Boobs aren’t too saggy ’cause they still keep the hubby happy.
  • A little wax here and there to be rid of some unwanted “new” hair.
  • I’d rather sleep at night but those hot flashes continue to bite.

And last but not least…. to enjoy my husband’s touch over a royal flush.

(Originally blogged July 25, 2005)

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Permission to Bully?

Abuse comes in many forms and its effect clearly carries implications on human, land, animal, etc. However, in the form of mental and emotional abuse, I believe the worst of it is what we inflict upon ourselves by subconsciously or consciously permitting the abuse and failing to set boundaries. Young children and teens are especially vulnerable because they haven’t the street smarts or enough people skills, or time to develop the level of self confidence and self esteem to be comfortable enough to effectively deal with mental and emotional abuse, peer pressures, and to set boundaries and comfort zones accordingly.

It helps to understand how we, ourselves give power to the abuser by an unspoken “permission.” It’s not a conscious act by any means, and seldom thought of as “giving permission.”

By allowing the abuser to continue his/her antics, we give them permission. By setting boundaries, we prohibit engagement.

It’s a good idea to get the young folks involved in reading about abusive / bullying behaviors and the reprecussions it can have on the victims as well as themselves. Today’s children are a different generation and quite possibly one that has prompted the current issues of teen bullying. However, bullying doesn’t start or stop with teens. Many people dread their day in the workplace when the bully is a co-worker.

If ever there was a time to bring awareness, it’s now.

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