Seascapes On A Snowy Day

Last night it began to snow.  It came down so “flurrious” that it covered the ground faster than you could wink.  Later in the evening, you could hear the rain pounding against the windows as the temperature warmed up and turned the flurries to rain.  As the early morning temperature fell, you could see the ice sheen across the snowy landscape.  Frozen, crunchy, wet in places not yet yielding to the colder temperature.

Sunrise, you can see a mist floating through the air as the temps warm up, melting away the blanket of snow and ice leaving behind pools of cold liquid.  Puppy paws and boots imprint the now slushy landscape.

The mist creates a layer of fog and the illusion of clouds floating around one’s head.  It is still outside as I watch the melting ice drip from the branches of a nearby tree.  Piano solos by Michael Jones play in the background, soothe the soul, create a relaxing environment and add a sense of surrealism to an otherwise dreary winter wonderland day.

Seascapesby Michael Jones.  Enjoy!


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