CBS Detroit: How Can You Allow These Comments?

Sunday morning and I’m catching up on the news of the weekend. I am reminded why, in part, I despise reading the news:  the negativity, lack of unbiased reporting AND the racial comments by readers, following some reports.   I would love to know how it is that CBS News / Detroit can allow some of the comments that I read today by a few readers.  Don’t they moderate for this kind of ‘talk?’  Furthermore, if anyone in politics or sports or celebrity spoke this way, they’d be shunned from society and their jobs; and forced into public apology.  I just don’t get it.  Read the article “Bus Company: Employee Who Roughed Up Kid Was Wrong.”  Follow it up by reading the ‘ugly’ comments if you have the stomach for it.

Personally, I find the comments racist and disrespectful.  Grant it, we have freedom of speech but there is a point to draw a line, no?  Why should it be any different for a community of readers (vs celebrity)?


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