War At Home

I was going to blog today about the violence in Syria when I was prompted to look up a word that I needed context clarification for.  After getting a handle on the definition of Sectarian violence, I was drawn to a WordPress recommended website upon returning to my own blog to type out my new cogitations.

I took a few minutes to browse through the imagery of  Anton Brookes.  His “Rum and Lust”  series just struck a chord with me.  Powerful images don’t need a lot of words to ‘get the story.’  They offer words of their own and what came to mind is a different war – at home.  The homeless war; the war of the minds; the war of street life; the war of drugs and alcohol and their negative effects on lives; the war of medical care or the lack of;  the war of economic losses and recoveries.  These are the wars of our individual worlds.  A form of social exclusion whether self created, socially created or government created.   So much to think about and Anton’s street photography is a good trigger for sparking thought, imagination, reality and feelings.

Thanks Anton, for grounding me today and giving me the opportunity to re-focus on some important issues … at home.


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