Detroit City Council Member Calls It Quits « CBS Detroit

Detroit Is Not A State Of Its Own
Last time I checked anyhow.  This article:  sounds a bit like the corruption has hit a brick wall.  Or has it?  Rick Snyder stepped in to help but is he?  I’m not fond of Snyder and some of his political beliefs and changes; however, if he has a plan that will work to keep Detroit out of bankruptcy, why not give it a try Kenyatta?  Why is it important to you to use some “white power / black power” bullshit comments to make your point?  If you have facts to back up those allegations, then bring them forward.  Otherwise, shut up.

People must learn to get along already.  Take the help and run with it instead of biting the hand that feeds you.  When you are back up and running, re-negotiate to get your “black power” back.   Honest to God this pisses me off.  I don’t care what color anyone is, there’s no need to talk this way people!  And why is color even an issue in this??!!

It pisses me off to no end that the news hasn’t slammed this “Kwame Kenyatta” for some of the radical statements he made.   Just knock it off already and get a life.  Play nice and stop living in the past, and while you’re at it, face the fact that Detroit DOES NEED HELP and people in council WILL HAVE TO MAKE SOME CONCESSIONS.  WTF?  I had to make concessions during a recession, why can’t Council Members?  PS – you can indeed thank your former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his Council comrades for most of the financial issues that Detroit has suffered in recent years.

Detroit will move forward with or without you Mr. Kenyatta. If you have to make insinuations or allegations that there’s an undercurrent of white supremacy controlling your city, then I don’t want you on Council and you can leave anytime; and don’t collect your $200 and don’t pass GO, just go.  Sorry you won’t be able to afford those fancy digs anymore.

Even if I am misunderstanding the issue at hand and Snyder’s financial agreement, I still don’t appreciate the news printing this guy’s comments.  There was no reason to unless they are calling him out publicly on his comments and want to slap his hand like they’ve slapped other people for making similar comments.  This is BS in my book and does nothing but spawn discontent.

I need to chill now.  whew.

Get the full article here and decide for yourself:

Detroit City Council Member Calls It Quits « CBS Detroit.


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