TimeBanks – A New Wave

of barter and trade on the rise. Not just in Detroit. Check your area if interested. Link included in article.

Amplify’d from detroit.cbslocal.com

‘TimeBanks’ Sprouting Up In Metro Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) - A growing number of locals are getting their unwanted chores done for free.  WWJ’s Sandra McNeill reports it’s part of the growing phenomenon called TimeBanks and they’re cropping up in communities around metro Detroit.

Here’s how it works … members offer their services for other members in their neighborhood, the time they spend can be exchanged for services from any member of the bank.

Hodge notes that one man, a physical therapist in Portland Maine, offers a certain number of hours each month in his practice to those members who are under-insured …Hodge says anyone can start a time bank even in your own office.

Click on here for more information on a Time Bank in your area, or for information on how to start your own.

Read more at detroit.cbslocal.com



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