Helping a friend…

1. Discount Training, Inc. is holding a C|EH V7 boot camp in Boston Aug 15-19. Anyone attending this class will get the online CISSP boot camp at 75% off.
2. We are also holding an Online CISSP boot camp for 2 weeks in September. This boot camp is for the working individual that can’t take a week off or travel. It’s from 9 pm to 12 midnight Eastern time minus Sat night.
3. If you have a group of students we can train at your location with deep discounts.
4. A portion of all income from these two classes will be invested in The Tyler Dunn Foundation to help prevent suicide in our nation’s youth.
5. We provide deep discounts for Veterans.

Our classroom “not online” boot camps come with a 100%, 1 year pass guarantee.
Robert D. Cowan
CEO – Discount Training, Inc.

(586) 808 – 2696 cell
(313) 447 – 2525 fax


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