Tips for Replacing Your Site’s SEO

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If you are a beginner in the web business, this article will discuss the importance (or NOT) of SEO, and how you can get the maximum traffic to your web site. So if you have been wondering why your web pages get little traffic compared to other similar sites, or why your page rankings don’t seem to budge, read on!
SEO is NOT as important as it used to be
Studies show that Facebook already has over five hundred million users and counting! If Facebook was a country, it would be the third most populous right behind China and India. If it grows with the same trends it has shown in the last few months, Facebook would in fifteen months equal the population of India!
To make use of the opportunities that Facebook provides, why not incorporate a ‘like’ button on your site, which automatically lets people promote your pages on Facebook?
News sites also offer a suitable alternate to using search engines! People who take news sites seriously log on to their favorite sites for virtually any piece of information they may need – no more search engines for THESE people!
Most often people do not mind spending just one second to click and promote something that has proved to be a useful resource.
Keyword stuffed articles just do NOT work today! Give your users content that they are truly looking for,
Blogging is today bigger than it ever was before.
You can find information on anything from the latest breaking news to scientific research, using Twitter!
if you run a local business, it makes far more sense to put up an ad on Craigslist, than to rely on SEO to get you your clients! If you have a business that sells products, try and get associated with Amazon




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