Save a Heart

We stopped drinking sodas for the most part. I never liked diet sodas so I’m not too worried about this new finding.

What I do when I crave the “fizz” of sodas:
1/2 glass of my favorite juice (ie: cherry or cranberry as example)
crushed ice
1/2 glass of Canada Dry low sodium seltzer water.


Amplify’d from

Diet Sodas: Fewer Calories, But More Strokes

The American Stroke Association held their International Stroke Conference a few weeks ago, where researchers presented the findings of a landmark study on diet drinks. They followed more than 2,500 New Yorkers for nine or more years, and found that people who drank diet soda every day had a 61 percent higher risk of vascular events, including heart attack and stroke.

Until more data is in, anyone for green tea, or even, possibly, water?




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