Update on Haiti post – 2010 Quake

Haven’t heard much about Haiti in awhile. Only mentioned it yesterday to someone and found an article. I think Japan will have much much more to cope with, as Cholera is probably low on the worry scale right now.

If I wasn’t such a chicken shit, I would hop on a plane and help somewhere.

Amplify’d from www.bbc.co.uk

Haiti cholera ‘far worse than expected’, experts fear

15 March 2011

Rather than affecting a predicted 400,000 people, the diarrhoeal disease could strike nearly twice as many as this, latest estimates suggest.

Before last year’s devastating earthquake in the Caribbean nation, no cases of cholera had been seen on Haiti for more than a century.

The bacterial disease is spread from person-to-person through contaminated food and water.

They believe the toll could reach 779,000, with 11,100 deaths by the end of November 2011.

“Latest figures show there have been 252,640 cases and 4,672 deaths as of 10 March 2011.

“We really need to reconstruct water and sanitation systems for the cholera epidemic to go away completely.

Read more at www.bbc.co.uk



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