Save Number 2

Should this even be an issue? It’s a shame however. PS – the very last paragraph in this amp is not part of the article directly, but rather a comment left by a reader. I could relate to their feelings. I think people who harbor animals and leave them to starve to death and live in their own excrement receive a heftier penalty than this.

Full article at the site.

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Bald eagle shot in Genesee County

Jim Lynch, Detroit News staff writer

On Thursday, a Gaines Township resident came across the injured eagle and contacted Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The wildlife biologists who responded discovered a male bald eagle they believed to be 5 years old.

The bird had a broken wing but still resisted being caught until experts from the Detroit Zoo were brought in to help.

Bald eagles are protected by the Michigan Endangered Species Protection law, the Federal Migratory Treaty Act and the Golden Eagle Protection Act.

The person needs to be shot in both ankles so he/she has a permanent limp, then prosecute the person for shooting our national symbol.
Whats with the $1000 fine, should be a percent of their income, 25% seems fair, or 10 years in prison.




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