Corporate Piracy or Genuine Investment

“You don’t want to close your doors and believe you can do everything yourselves,” said Ma Xin, chairman of the Sinocome Group. “That’s a ticket to becoming a Third World country.”

Is it? Or do we open our doors and become “owned” ?? Is the “enthusiasm about the United States” really about ‘a great time of investment?” Or is it about “gotcha while you were down.” Will we remain the land of the free? How many homes that have defaulted, have been purchased by people that live outside this country and are flipped or rented to US citizens?

There is something awry here and I’m still feeling my way through it. (Pun intended). There is just too much topsy turvy going on for me to wrap my brain around it all and feel any comfort. I don’t even know if I’m way off the mark because there are so many varying degrees of what people (in the US) feel these days. God bless us – every one!

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Job creation seen as key to China’s investment in U.S.

Chinese President Hu Jintao will highlight Wanxiang’s U.S. operations on Friday during an event in Chicago. Hu is hoping to show Americans that in addition to providing them with cheap goods, Chinese companies can also give them good jobs.
That issue is a critical one in an economic relationship that many Americans feel is unfairly tilted toward Beijing
Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke both complained that China was not open enough to U.S. products, had not done enough to let the value of its currency appreciate against the dollar and was not respectful of U.S. intellectual property rights
Among leading Chinese entrepreneurs, the United States was second only to Hong Kong in a survey of potential destinations for investments
“There is a real enthusiasm about the United States,”
Until China figures out a way to link itself to “the idea of job creation . . . you are always going to have a negative perception of China in the United States,”



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