19 Beautiful Examples of HDR Done Right

Re-amplifying this post. Worthy of a look see. When HDR is done correctly, the ‘visual effect’ is amazing and awe inspiring.

Brilliant examples of the way HDR can be used for an image, from some of the most talented HDR enthusiasts around the globe.

Image by Daniel Loshak

Image by Cliff Baise

Image by Trey Ratcliff

Image by Dave Wilson

Image by Justin Kern

Image by Mike Olbinski

Image by Catalin Marin

Image by Scott Wyden

Image by Rob Hanson

Image by Danka Dear

Image by Bob Lussier

Image by Chris Coleman

Image by Philip Cohen

Image by David Wares

Image by Tim Gibson

Image by Brian Matiash

Image by Scott Frederick

Image by Jacob Lucas

Note: I’ve provided links to all these photographers sites. Be sure to click the images to see some more incredible work from these guys. These images are just the beginning!

Read more at www.digital-photography-school.com



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