SEO Tips & Tricks from the dZine blog

If you’re trying to take it all in and understand it, there is help in this article.
Great site too for lots of goodies!
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10 Search Engine Optimisation Tips & Tricks for Web Designers

Good and Informative Content.

Smart Internal Link Structure.

Website with Sitemap.

Website Free From 404 Errors.

These static typed URLs are having greater usability features. You may include keywords in your HTML tags. When you look at dynamic URL but that does not give you much charm and prettiness. You can get good frameworks that can help you build static URLs and this would be surely a SEO friendly website design.

Try to use Flash that goes easy with your website.

A good SEO friendly website is one that has unique and original content. So try to avoid using any kind of duplicated content in your website. This duplication might hamper your search engine rankings as search engines are intelligent enough to understand what audiences want. Try to avoid any duplicate pages or any content that is duplicated on different pages.

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