A Golden Egg

Might be better than a golden parachute these days.
clipped from www.forbes.com

Gold Continues Record March
06.17.10, 06:05 PM EDT

Gold moved into record territory again Thursday after discouraging economic data from the United States kept investors on edge.

gold rallied 1.4% to settle at $1,247.40 an ounce. (See “Gold Bound For New Highs.”)
consumer prices fell by 0.2% in May, which comes on the heels of a 0.1% decrease in April, largely due to falling energy prices
gold’s rise Thursdsay was atypical, as it did not accompany a stock-selling flight to safety
Gold bugs note that at around $1,250 an ounce gold is, on an inflation-adjusted basis, trading at just over half its all-time high from 1980
What’s more, they argue that the flood of dollars, yen and euros central banks are printing will spark inflation and debase major currencies, making gold one of the lone consistent sources of value.

Gold Bound For New Highs

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