Not So Good News for Michigan

I’ve been promoting “Buy Michigan” all day only to read this. Very dis-heartening.
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Michigan needs to align spending with tax collection, business leaders warned

Without major changes in the way the state aligns its tax collection with its spending, Michigan won’t participate in the U.S. economic recovery.
Fueled by declines in property values and property-tax revenue — the results of which are only now just starting to impact local governments — residents can expect to see worsening declines in services and a declining quality of life.
He urged state legislators to help out local governments by amending Public Act 312, which mandates binding arbitration by state mediators on a wide range of issues, including pay for public safety employees.
Michigan lost jobs every year since 2000, with declines projected for this year and next. While the U.S. lost 1.6 percent of its jobs in the last decade, all of that since the recession hit in 2008, Michigan lost 18.4 percent of its jobs.
“The state tax base is not stable and will not support any level of services for long.”
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