IRS in perspective

The article has some excellent points. A worthy read.
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St. Cloud Times – Your turn: Bill goes back on vow, twists IRS purpose
President Obama claims that his heath care reform package recently signed into law will expand accessibility to health care.
What he hasn’t been so keen on mentioning is the
IRS will gain access to the details of your health care plan and will have the authority to fine Americans who have not purchased “acceptable” health care coverage in the eyes of the government.
the IRS would assess a fine of 2 percent of household income or a maximum of $2,250 per household — whichever is greater — for not carrying proper coverage.
The bill states the IRS is the regulator of “economic and financial decisions
and thus, acts as both prosecutor and judge to every American citizen regarding their health care plan
Illegal immigrants who evade income taxes can still receive treatment
It is simply unacceptable for this President to destroy one promise to the American people while promising free health care to those here illegally.
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