Death of a DSLR? Phooey!

Author predicts the death of the DSLR based on historical events with cameras. In my opinion, many SLR users did not give up the SLR for a pocket 110. I hardly see a DSLR user giving in totally to a rangefinder or (point and shoot) camera regardless of its upgraded features.

I will say however, that the article sheds a new light for me on a question that I’ve had. As a SLR and DSLR user, I’ve been wondering why Nikon (specifically) has chosen to upgrade their 10 and 12 mp cameras (and with video) rather than come out with a new camera with say… 15mp. There are point and shoots out now that are capable of 12mp at a price in the same neighborhood as a DSLR with 10mp. It’s an uneasy feeling waiting for that 15mp DSLR and watching everything around it ‘upgraded’ for image quality. Is Nikon trying to appease the masses and draw in crowds of people to DSLR by offering their old flagships as new flagships with video capabilities? Thereby keeping the DSLR alive?

If so, than w

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Here’s a news flash: Cell-phone cameras be damned, because a significant segment of the population is actually prioritizing sharp, well-exposed images over ultimate convenience. Since the introduction of the first Canon Digital Rebel in 2003, this quality-conscious segment has been turning to interchangeable-lens digital SLRs (DSLRs) to take the best possible photos.

Wednesday�October 28, 2009
In the past few months, digital camera manufacturers have finally begun to ship non-DSLR cameras that can meet the needs of the quality-minded photographer. This has been largely driven by Olympus and Panasonic and their Micro Four Thirds system, which obviates the need for the mirrors in SLRs that are used for the optical viewfinder.
Most digital camera sales still tend towards compact units; as nice as the Micro Four Thirds cameras are, they don’t slip into your pocket.
they’ll become marginalized as more and more people turn toward more convenient alternatives
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