Mercury Contamination Growing

The EPA said this year that it intends to issue new rules under the Clean Air Act to control air emissions of mercury from coal-fired power plants.
The 2nd paragraph that I clipped from the article really turned on a light for me as we (humans) are not the only ones that eat fish. Bears eat fish too.
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Mercury-tainted fish found widely in U.S. streams

By Steve Gorman
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 20, 2009 (Reuters) — Scientists have detected mercury contamination in every one of hundreds of fish sampled from 291 freshwater streams,

More than two-thirds exceeded the EPA-set level of concern for fish-eating mammals.

Some of the highest levels of mercury in the latest study were found in the coastal “blackwater” streams of North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana — relatively undeveloped areas marked by abundant pine forests and wooded wetlands.

As with many pollutants, mercury concentrates as it moves up the food chain, from algae, to insects to small fish and larger predators.
They focused on bigger species such as largemouth bass because they are at the top of the in-stream food chain.
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