I Can Think of Better Jobs for MICHigan

I’m kind of getting tired of politicians thinking Michigan can be a dumping ground for their prisoners, with the idea of promoting employment opportunities in MI. This is BS in so many ways. I do not want terrorists (known or suspected) on US soil, do you?? If California pursues Michigan prisons to dump their prisoners because they cannot afford to house them, who do you think is going to take the economic hit for this when Cal can’t pay the bill? This is no different to me than Detroit politicians dumping toxic waste under the table with our tax dollars. Why not turn the Standish prison into some type of rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol addicts, or temporary housing or emergency medical? There are other more positive ways to create jobs. I vote: TAKE NO PRISONERS!!
clipped from www.newsdaily.com

Task force weighs moving Guantanamo prisoners to U.S.

Posted 2009/08/03 at 1:10 am EDT

WASHINGTON, Aug. 3, 2009 (Reuters) — A task force is studying the possibility of moving some suspected militants from Guantanamo Bay to a maximum security prison in the United States with its own courtrooms for criminal and military trials, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.

Two sites are under consideration, the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and a maximum security prison in Standish, Michigan that is scheduled to be closed, the newspaper said, citing Obama administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

President Barack Obama has pledged to close the prison at the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but has faced strong opposition from lawmakers to transferring the remaining 240 prisoners to U.S. soil for detention and trial.

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