China’s Space Mission a Success…. at who’s expense?

How much milk did they taint for this? How much did they scrimp on quality for exportation to other countries in order to afford their space rendezvous?

I bet…. if we were to ban certain imports from China, it will be a long time before they are seen in space again.


clipped from
China’s Space Mission Is A Success, Shenzhou VII Lands Safely

By Diane Smith
12:37, September 28th 2008

Although Zhai’s maneuvers represented the 298th spacewalk of all time, it was a milestone for China. The space walk was a key experiment in China’s endeavor to prove its might not only on Earth, but also in space. China celebrated the space walk as a prelude to further exploration of areas which only Russia and the United States managed to reach.
The country’s last manned mission took place in 2005, two years after its first manned launch. The efforts for improving the Chinese space program have intensified in the past few years and there are many plans for the future.
The mission is giving China much confidence as its developing endeavor for the stars grows into maturity. “Many standards have already been set and there has been strong support from society as a whole,”
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