An answer to the ‘cosmic coincidence’?

This article, originally clipped by a fellow Clipper, sparked a few of my own thoughts and questions:

This is not only an extremely interesting clip, but I would POP it 5 x if I could.

Questions that are really just voicing thoughts are: Does it /will it answer why apes seem to have stopped evolving into man…. assuming of course one believes that theory. And… assuming they evolved into man, what did man evolve to? I have not read any ‘theory’ on that. If someone has info relating to this, feel free to share.

Maybe my questions are deeper than this topic or they are off topic but they are questions I have held in my mind since a very EARLY age.

Also, over 10 yrs ago, Carl Sagan (I believe) did a PBS series on the universe and all (then) 12 planets. What I walked away with was another revelation (for me) – that each planet is in various stages of evolving; each planet has or had a little bit (or a lot at one time) of each of the other planets. Thereby giving one a sense that the universe really was ONE at one time. And the planets were a ‘spin off’ (for lack of better words) of something much larger.

So with that in mind, it really did offer a sense of “who are we to believe that we are the HIGHEST of the intelligent beings in this ONE universe? Alternately, if earth should be the youngest of planets in this direct solar system, who’s to say that the other planets were not destroyed by the very intelligent beings that may have occupied them at one time.

Why are there places on earth that are deemed by some to be of a special nature that attract or promote healing; ufo flyby’s; mystical places like Machu Pichu (spelling?), AZ, New Mexico and places in England, Scotland, etc? Maybe these places are ‘links’ to the string theory or ‘multiverse’ theory.

Maybe Mythology is not myth. Maybe earth was an experiment?

Consider this too… a teacher once told me that having no goals creates a vacuum whereby, it leaves you open for anything good and bad. Do we currently have goals that keep our individual vacuum in check? How much negativity do we think, live and react to every day?

A great master, Hermes Trismegistus once said, “That which is above, is so below and that which is below, is so above.

I say, “the word could not have existed without the thought.” Are we creating the vacuum by our thoughts… ie: mind over matter. If so, it is time for change. Or is it too late?

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An answer to the 'cosmic coincidence'?
NEW YORK: The late formation of rocky planets might explain a vexing cosmological coincidence about why intelligent life has evolved precisely at a relatively exciting point of the universe’s history.
During the past ten years, cosmologists have determined the age and composition of the universe to unprecedented precision: the universe is nearly 14 billion years old and is made mostly out of ‘vacuum energy’, which is making the expansion of the universe accelerate.
The theory goes that empty space isn’t really empty, but rather filled with virtual particles constantly popping in and out of existence. All this activity imparts energy to empty space, termed vacuum energy.
The cosmic coincidence is that we are living at precisely the time when vacuum energy is starting to dominate.
This drives some experts crazy because statistically, there’s less than a one per cent chance that this would be the case. Why, they ask, is this momentous event happening now, precisely when humans are alive
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