What If … Life is But a Dream

I was reading some interesting research today and something struck a weird chord with me.

What if your waking moments from sleep were actually waking up to a dream state? Let me see if I can explain this further…

Sleep state = transition to real world, spiritual self, other side.
Awake state = transition from real world to dream (physical) state

Assuming that this is true, then I would have to ask myself if I am living out my dreams to the best of my ability; I can control my dreams; and have I brought to my dream (physical) state anything from my sleep (spiritual) state that enriches my life and that of my environment (ie: people, places, things, etc)?

In my dream (awake/physical) state, if I am reckless, does the sleep (spiritual) state offer guidance? Is this why we sleep? To rejuvenate? To learn again, the lesson we missed or the path we decided upon? Is our sleep (spiritual) state the ‘lessons’ and the awake state is the implementation of those lessons? If so, then we must be given numerous opportunities (daily wakening to physical dream state) to change the course of our daily physical (dream) life?

Furthermore, when life (dream state) is good, then sleep state is better. When dream state is painful, are we missing something in a lesson from the sleep state?

When a person dies in their dream (physical) life, is it because they’ve not learned enough from the sleep (spiritual) state? Or are they actually transcending to the next level of awake state, shedding the physical body in preparation for transition back to sleep (spiritual) state; and will awaken again at another time and at another level of life (or dream state)?

Ever wonder why certain people show up in your life at a particular time?

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