Circle Photo Manipulations with Photoshop

I learned something new yesterday with Photoshop which was exciting to me since I have often thought of Adobe as a learning curve, and for this reason have done most of my photo manipulations in Paintshop Pro.

While browsing Flickr, I came across some awesome circular manipulations which are unlike the geometric circle that I’ve toyed with in Paintshop Pro. An easy 4 step process renders an almost life-like bubble. Very cool and addicting to play with. I think I went through the gamet of decent photos on my hard drive while toying with this new found process. Sometimes all it takes for me to learn something is to ‘see it’ and work with the steps. In Adobe Photoshop, I had difficulty figuring out what some of the processes are and how to implement them, having no previous steps to follow. So, Paintshop Pro has always felt more user friendly.

Here are a few of my favorite circles, manipulated today with Adobe Photoshop.

circle-liquidcircle-hibiscuscircle-mumscircle-stargazer lilycircle-plastic links

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3 comments on “Circle Photo Manipulations with Photoshop

  1. Hey, I would really love to know the steps you did for this…
    I am trying really hard to create a circular figure, but not a perfect circle… like a fireball type thing.

    This would really help me with getting part of my ideal figure in mind, and even if I dont get the fireball type effect, this effect you achieved is very good and close enough.

    please email me back with it… would love to hear from you soon 🙂 thanks!

    (mamiller93 [at] gmail [dot] com

    • I don’t have the exact recipe for this handy. But … if you go to Flickr dot com and search “Amazing Circles” you will find the group for this with instructions! 🙂 Hope this helped and very sorry for the delayed reply.

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