Permission to Bully?

Abuse comes in many forms and its effect clearly carries implications on human, land, animal, etc. However, in the form of mental and emotional abuse, I believe the worst of it is what we inflict upon ourselves by subconsciously or consciously permitting the abuse and failing to set boundaries. Young children and teens are especially vulnerable because they haven’t the street smarts or enough people skills, or time to develop the level of self confidence and self esteem to be comfortable enough to effectively deal with mental and emotional abuse, peer pressures, and to set boundaries and comfort zones accordingly.

It helps to understand how we, ourselves give power to the abuser by an unspoken “permission.” It’s not a conscious act by any means, and seldom thought of as “giving permission.”

By allowing the abuser to continue his/her antics, we give them permission. By setting boundaries, we prohibit engagement.

It’s a good idea to get the young folks involved in reading about abusive / bullying behaviors and the reprecussions it can have on the victims as well as themselves. Today’s children are a different generation and quite possibly one that has prompted the current issues of teen bullying. However, bullying doesn’t start or stop with teens. Many people dread their day in the workplace when the bully is a co-worker.

If ever there was a time to bring awareness, it’s now.

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