North Korea – A Pain in the Statistics

I find it extremely selfish of the North Korean government, specifically Kim Jong II, for depriving his people. I don’t know why I allow the actions of this country’s leader to get under my skin in such a bad way. Maybe because he’s a ‘communist’ terrorist. I resent the fact that he’s playing games, double daring, and attempting to provoke the feelings of insecurity around the world, ASIDE from the fact that he takes China’s help and then deliberately starves his own people. I have a name for this guy and it wouldn’t be appropriate to say it here. Let’s just say I’m glad we’re not allies. I wouldn’t trust this ass as far as I could throw him.

I consider myself pretty easy going with a good sense of humor and try not to blog topics that stir me up. But for some reason, when I read about Jong and his antics, a level of hatred I didn’t know I could be capable of, boils my blood and raises my anger levels. I could just slap him into the black hole. And I should clarify that it’s not the man I hate. It’s what the man does and how the man thinks.

Thought I’d share a bit of history based on the last year of reading about Kim Jong II in an effort to bring myself up to snuff with the why’s and what nots of his actions, past and present.

In 1948, the Republic of Korea (South) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (aka DPRK) under communist rule (North), were formally established as two separate regimes at the end of World War II. In 1949, the (then) Soviet Union, allies of the North, and the U.S., allies of the South, withdrew their respective troops from the two Koreas, which was temporarily devised in order to allow them to unify with an agreed upon mutual government. When suddenly, in 1950, the North launched a surprise attack against the South, thereby initiating the Korean War.

There were two incidents of terrorism against the South that were attributed to the North:
1) a 1983 bombing that killed 17 visiting South Korean officials
2) the 1987 destruction of a South Korean airliner which killed all 115 on board

Kim Jong II was accused of these atrocities even though there was no evidence directly linking him to the bombings.

In 1996, the North, now under the leadership of Kim Jong II after his father’s death in 1994, said it would cease to recognize the demilitarized zone; hence, in 1999 the South was provoked to sink a torpedo boat owned by the North when it entered South Korean waters. This back and forth confrontation of the North’s deliberate movements into the demilitarized zone sprung up again in 2002 which derailed further reunification talks.

  • In 1994, it was confirmed that the country had developed a nuclear program.
  • In 1998 the U.S. imposed sanctions on the North for alleged terrorist activity and had concerns that the North was building a nuclear weapons facility.
  • In 1998, the North launched a medium-range missile over Japan.
  • In 1999, the U.S. agreed to ease trade sanctions if the North agreed to suspend their missile testing.
  • In 2002, the North was accused of attempting to earn currency through illegal drug trade and counterfeiting U.S. currency.
  • In 2003, Australia seized a North Korean cargo ship after they were observed unloading heroin.
  • In 2005, the U.S. imposed a sanction on a bank accused of laundering the North’s earnings from illegal activities, including conterfeiting U.S. money.
  • As of 2005, North Korea had an estimated population of 22,912,000 poor and starving people. This is 1/3 of the entire Korean population.
  • July 2006, the North launched test missiles which again called for sanctions against the North.

It’s also believed that the North was selling enriched uranium to Libya. Were they doing this for money? It certainly appears that way. For what reason? To feed his people? I think not because he has China and the international community believing that he needs money to feed his people while in reality he’s bumping up his military and his nuclear arsenal. Read on.

Who is Kim Jong II

He’s the son of deceased Kim II Sung who was premier leader of North Korea since 1948. Upon his sudden death in 1994, Kim Jong II inherited leadership of the North, as his father had designated in 1980. Kim Jong II has since declared himself secretary of the Communist party in 1997 and self appointed National Defense Commission chairman in 1998.

He sits at the helm of a country rich in mineral and power resources, and with the aid of the Chinese and the Soviets, he developed the country into an industrialized nation. However large his goal of independence and industrialization is, it continues to wreak havoc on the North’s economy and its people. Still, with his priorities askew, his army is the world’s fifth largest.

Kim Jong II has an obsession with producing plays and films as attested to by a South Korean actress and her husband, whom Kim had kidnapped and held hostage while they made money for him by acting in his films. People in the country are starving, the government has difficulty paying its debts, and Kim continues to spend millions of dollars on film productions.

While Kim Jong II’s military, personal obsessions and flamboyancy hold priority in his life, weather disasters, inefficient agricultural systems and energy shortages continue to compound the country’s lack of food supply. It’s estimated that he spends 25+ % of his country’s GNP on his military.

With the billions of dollars in international aid that has literally been given to North Korea with no strings attached, one would hope that gratitude and appreciation might shine through the ruthless dictator at some point. Instead, he continues to bite the hands that feed him. Unfortunately, it’s the people of North Korea that suffer the most from his ungracious behavior.

Kim Jong II, by his own threats and actions, is willing to risk further humanitarian aid by promising a nuclear weapons test. In his words, the test “will serve as reliable war deterrent for protecting the supreme interests of the state and the security of the Korean nation from the U.S. threat of aggression.”

Understand that this man is not crazy in the literal sense of the word. Still, I can’t find it in my heart to have compassion or in my mind to trust him. He is out for no one but himself. His behavior strikes a chord with me that is reminiscent of Saddam Hussein, Hitler and a few others. When some think that he’s just “yanking your chain,” I’d rather think “beware.”

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