Changing Friends

Changing Friends

We will almost always meet with obstacles when change is underway. Friends will always be our friends no matter what our decisions in life. Some will come and some will go and that’s just how life is. Sometimes our friendships are outgrown and sometimes we meet people along the way that become friends for a duration of time. Maybe they are there to help us through the next level in our life, however subtle (or obvious) that help might be. The one thing we can count on is that everyone we meet, that we befriend, will always be a friend if it’s meant to be. We should all be grateful for our human encounters.

On another note, one can consider a brief time with acquaintances as a stepping stone. This shouldn’t be misconstrued as “using someone for self gain.” There is a difference. Sometimes “people” are our challenges or obstacles; and sometimes they are reflections of ourselves. Meeting people with opposing personalities is always a challenge and it forces us to make decisions that we usually don’t anticipate having to do. However, one can be grateful for these acquaintances or friends because we learn from them and through our relationships with them.

When things are still, that is the time to reflect and then move beyond it. Change doesn’t just happen. We make it happen. Remember, if you don’t like your decision, you can always change it.


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